Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beer Battered Sole with Sweet Potato Fries

Beer Battered Sole

Hi everyone,
Although this is usually the busiest time of year, I had no idea just how busy we would be. Christie has been busy working 6 day weeks, and Ive been, well, busy cooking and apparently not posting. I know, bad Ian. Since I have last posted, I have baked my first ever batch of cookies from scratch, co-baked/decorated nearly 50 cupcakes for the cupcake cake, roasted everything from pork to blade roasts to two more turkeys, including a whopping 20lb bird for which I tried out a whole new approach, though of course after a really long day of cooking and running around, I somehow forgot to take any pictures of the Bird out of the oven.

One really fun thing I have been doing is a weekly get together with my mother. At least one day a week we get get together and I cook something up for her. One fine afternoon, while a blizzard whipped about outside, my mother taught me how to cook pork's feet, not something for everyone, but I learned (to my relief) that the hoof isn't used, and its actually the leg that is used.

It was at one of these weekly get together that I had decided to revisit a fish & chips recipe that I had really enjoyed

This time around, I switched out Halibut with Sole, a nice, light and inexpensive alternative, as well as switching the russet potatoes out for sweet potato fries, and Ive got to say, I actually preferred this dish over the original.

For the recipe, please view the original posting HERE
and just remember to switch out the Halibut for Sole, and Russet Potato for Sweet (approx 1 sweet potato peeled and cut into 1/4 in fries lenghtwise along the potatos)


Beer Battered Sole


Junglefrog said...

That looks gorgeous Ian! I wish you and Christie a wonderful christmas!!

Ian said...

Thank you so much, its only 2 days away and Ive got the Christmas jitters. Very excited. We wish you and your family the very best!

Oliver said...

Sweet potato fries! Amazing.

I love deep-frying! I think that fast-food has given it a bad name. We should fry some stuff in the new year. Anything.

tamilyn said...

I've just 20 minutes stroling through some of your posts. Beautiful photography and delightful posts. I do have to say the one I love the most is the one about the Thanksgiving turkey. I didn't know turkeys were too dumb to have sex. Sounds like some men I knew in my single years.......

I really enjoyed your blog