Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Outrageous(ly Fattening) Brownies - Barefoot Bloggers

Ina's Outragious(ly fattening) Brownies

Seriously, are you surprised by the amount of fat and sugar in these brownies, it IS Ina. This is the lady that puts half a stick of butter in her burgers. Even though, I think she has outdone herself this time. Let’s see how we can kill a person with one simple dessert:

i) 1 POUND of Butter... go Ina,
ii) 2 POUNDS of Chocolate, ok, I love chocolate, but two pounds?!?
iii) 6 EXTRA LARGE EGGS, ugg, the cholesterol
iv) 2.5 CUPS of Sugar, really, as if the 3 pound of butter and chocolate isn’t enough
v) 3 CUPS of walnuts, lets just keep tacking on the fat, why not?

I'm not saying that these weren’t amazing, because they were, but after a couple of these puppies don’t expect your heart to pump normally ever again. I remember watching her make these on TV a year back and wanting to throw something at the screen because I was sure that just watching that much fat go into one dessert was terribly terribly wrong.

If you want to live on the edge, first book your hospital stay, then make the recipe here. Nice knowing you.


Suzie said...

Definitely not an every day treat but they were amazing. What I couldn't get over was that Ina thought that made 20 brownies. By my reckoning it makes about 80 brownies. My freezer is stuffed with them.

Cayla said...

wow, that is a LOT of butter...looking at that picture, I feel like those brownies are totally worth it

Cayla said...

wow, that's a LOT of butter...looking at the picture though, the brownies are definitely worth all that fat

Hilary said...

Man, I love Ina. Uh, luckily the brownies are in nice individually-sized portions!

Ian said...

These brownies are condensed packages of Happy. If you could go to magical fairy land and capture Happiness in a bottle, and then use it in a tremendously wrong yet oh so right brownie recipe, you would get these.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet welcome to Canada! You're right...the winters here are brutal! But I really do like it here. People truly are warm and friendly. Love that.

My sister is a Barefoot Blogger. Gosh, I just can't resist brownies. I'm weak in the knees for them. Your blog has my taste buds just a humming!!

Penny said...

These were ourtrageously good. Yours look yummy. Love your photos.

Junglefrog said...

Wow... it does sound like one very dangerous recipe! lol... I had a bite of a chocolate cake here yesterday which was soooooo good it has to be very bad for you too! As long as you don't overdo it, I'm sure we'll survive!

Sweet as Coco said...

Oh WOW! Fat=Good!! I bet they were fantastic! Did you make these in a muffin tin? How clever is that!!

kelly said...

My sentiments exactly!!!! Thanks for your comment! These were so delicious.

Aimée said...

Sounds fattening, but that is what has sold me to make these! They must be sooo good and anyway, a dry brownie is like a kick in the teeth.

la marquise said...

My husband just saw the photo and said "oh cool that' s what you rae going to make ?" I said ... not now but yes I will. He said ..." you don't have the ingredients ? " I said I do but I have stuff to do outdoor ... and he answered ... " I can take care of the outdoor things if you want" ...

so what you think do you think I found the recipe appelling ???

have a great sunday les amis.

Coco Bean said...

Sorry for the late replies, I'm a bad blogger this week!

Suzie: Ha ha, I should have thought of the freezer, I just sent my boyfriend to work with a ton of them! Yeah, I think she eats them for dinner, they were HUGE!

Cayla: he he, thanks, it was a lot of butter but they were delicious.

Hilary: Yes, they are individual, but they still made millions, and each one that didn't come out perfect I ate. That was my supper!

Ian: this is why I love you, but you know that!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie: I think that I ended up on your site through your sisters?? Maybe? Anyways, thank you for all the kind words.

Penny: Thanks!

Simone: I did over do it!!! I couldn't resist, that is why I am so mad at the brownies. Why can't women resist fudgy chocolate?? It's a good weakness to have though.

Coco: Yeah, I made them in a mini muffin tin but they stuck so much that I ate most of them instead of sharing them. Thanks!

Kelly: He he, thanks!

Aimee: They were so good, that is why they were so bad. But I'm with you, a dry brownie is just not worth it!

Sabine: HA HA HA, I love how we can make men do whatever we want with a little bit of flour, a hunk of chocolate, and a pound of butter!! I see he swept the chimney... is that why he got all dirty, so that he could have some brownies? By the way, I can't stop dreaming about the cherry crisp you posted. I hope I can get some cherries soon!!

La Marquise des anges said...

yep, you're right ... I can't wait for you to try the cherry crumble . cherries still are a little expensive for now , here too ..
and I just can't wait to see the lily of the valley pictures ... You made me laugh and kind of cry with this. Have a great day les amis.

A.D said...

So outrageous they can barelly maintain their cohesivness. Mium !

Me! said...

so i'm not the best influence on people trying to diet/be healthy/not die of a heart attack by the time they are 30.... at least they were good!

Ash said...

woh, that is a lot of stuff! How many did it make?
I'm sure they tasted amazing... well they would have had to with all that!!

Coco Bean said...

Adam: Ha ha, yeah you did eat half of them!

Me: Don't get me wrong, I have been wanting to make them for a year or two, but I never had the balls to take on that much butter!

Ash: We did a half batch and they made about 32 mini bites. But I ate most of the broken ones and because they didn't come out of the mould very well that was a lot!

MissBliss said...

hahaha there is a quadruple chocolate brownie that is the evil twin to this one, and they are both the evil (and delicious) twins!!!

everything in moderation, right :)