Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photo Tuesday


Can I say yayyyy? Well yes I can, so yay! Christie and I won the Ironcupcake challenge for April, and we couldn't be happier. Except of course if I had found out 1 1/2hrs after I had gone to bed, and then woken up 1 1/2hrs before I was set to wake up... sigh. It was a long day. I've missed a few Photo Tuesdays, and I was pretty sad about it, so even though I am in need of sleep badly, I just could not let another week go by without doing one of these. So yaaaarrrr, here she be (said in a pirate tone). Christie seems to hate almost all photos of herself, so I took one and told her I was just "testing" something out, and "jazzed" it up a bit. It's been awhile anyways that there has been any picture of Christie up on the blog, so why not right now. By the way, if it weren't so late already, and I weren't so tired, I was going to post a second version of this photo with Antlers coming out of Christie's head just for the fun of it, but I will get to that later this week :D


Ok, it was done in about 5 minutes, and badly since I'm so tired, but once I posted the picture I realized that a photo of Christie with antlers on the blog made by me may be a bad idea on my part. Lets just say I learned my lesson before I paid the consequences. hahaha


Coco Bean said...

A bad boyfriend... no! Well yes if you posted it on the blog, but it shows you care.
Babe, you are the one that doesn't like having his pic taken. Remember how I am the one in every single photo of all our trips!

Ps. I want to see the antler one!(but not on the blog until I see it and approve)

Junglefrog said...

That's a lovely photo...:) I don't think I had seen a photo of you before Christie, so thank you Ian.
I'd love to see the antler one too!!

Ian said...

I am not photogenic remember? I look like a horrible troll in any picture.

Thanks Simone, I like the picture too, though Christie is photogenic and looks lovely all the time anyways. I was having some fun with Nikon CLS and reflecting the flash off of a ceiling.

The picture with the antlers is ok at best, but nothing special, I dont particularly like the antlers, nor the way that I added them to the photo. It should be a total redo. Its a good thing too, as I would like to use a better set of antlers, and use the backround to my advantage and change that up too. Projects projects projects :D

La Marquise des anges said...

oh Christie you are just gorgeous !!! so so pretty :) i am glad I can now put a (jolie) face on your name ...

thanks for sharing Mr non photogenic - Ian ...

Coco Bean said...

Thanks Simone and Sabine! When I first saw this pic I said "ugg, delete it" but Ian is great at photoshopping out all the imperfections!

Sabine, is that you in all of your product shots? They are all very beautiful!

Simone: I still haven't bought that fish.... but you're still not off the hook. I'm going to do it soon, I promise!

Oh yeah, Ian... my mom want's to see the antler one.

La Marquise des anges said...

yep that's me ... Not always very easy to shoot oneself ;) :) As you know i recently hired my sweet cowboy husband too :)

Aimée said...