Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture Tuesday

Well hello everyone, Ian here! Christie and I have been so busy cooking, eating, taking photos and enjoying the nice weather that has come at last. So far this season, Christie and I have managed to get out to the Atwater Market, a local farmers market, twice. I absolutely love the Atwater market, I have fond memories of my mother taking me there to shop for fresh produce and meats when I was a child, and to this day I always use the same butcher that my mother would purchase her meats from. So on weekends, when it is nice out, Christie and I have been heading out there to get our fresh produce, and to enjoy all the beautiful flowers that are on sale this time of year.

Atwater Market, Christie
Christie Biting into a Sausage sandwich at Atwater Market

Atwater Market, Christie
Christie inspecting the goods at a Fruit & Vegetable stand

Besides our weekly trips out to the market, Christie has been keeping up her wonderful “Supper Club” parties, which has just completed a successful fourth incarnation! Each one of the Supper Club get together follows a theme which Christie devises, the last one being “Breakfast for supper”. It went off wonderfully. Approximately 14-16 people show up, and there is a door charge of about 4-5$ depending on what is on the menu, which is a real steal if you ask me. The money covers the ingredients used, and Christie cooks enough food for 16 people each time, wooosh. Just as they were a big hit on the blog, the Eggs in a Basket were definitely a favorite. As a matter of fact, partially due to the fact that I ate prior to taking any pictures, and mostly due to the popularity and general deliciousness of each creation, I actually did not get the time to photograph each of the courses before they were gone, which made my camera sad. You know what they say though, what makes the camera sad only makes the belly happy, ok, I made that up.

Supper Club, Eggs in a Basket
Eggs in a Basket

Supper Club, Eggs in a Basket
Eggs in a basket about 3 seconds before they were gone

Ive got to bug Christie to post the recipe that she used for the Cinnamon Buns (moved the photos up a post to go along with the recipe, and also so they arent doubled up), but for the Eggs in a Basket, see here for the recipe from a previous post. Stay tuned, Im finally buying myself a "Pro" account on Flikr, and will be posting all of the Flower pictures that I have been taking, notably the anticipated "Forget me nots" that Christie has been getting me to photograph every chance I get.


La Marquise des anges said...

thanks for sharing some pictures of your gorgeous Christie ...
the cinnamon buns look amazing ... It did not make some for a while ..

I can't wait to the the "flowers" photos !!! :)

sorry i have to say it ... again .... "first cookie" :)

Coco Bean said...

Lily of the vally baby! The white bells. But my other favourite is forget me nots! I can't wait to see them!

Marianne said...

Oh man... those cinnamon rolls look incredible...

Scate said...

of course - GREAT photos! I really like the first shot - the eyes are trying to decide if they just got caught doing something naughty or not... i also just tried a version of the eggs - and loved it for an entertaining brunch idea. Easy - and they all come out at once. thanks for sharing!

Hilary said...

Wow guys, your supper club looks amazing. If I'm ever in Mtl when you've got one on (how likely is that?), I'd better be on the invite list!

Junglefrog said...

I love the photos Ian! Fantastic light on the shots of Christie (who is ofcourse a very good looking model, so that makes it easier.. hehe) And those eggs in a basket! Your supperclub sounds like a wonderful fun thing to do!

Ian said...

aww thanks Simone! I had to keep looking out for lightsources/directionality, and luckily there was a nice, soft warm light that afternoon :D
Of course its easier when you have someone you love so much as your subject

Ian said...

Well how very rude of me, I responded and clicked on post before I realized that I wasnt finished, geez, thats what cold meds do to my brain...

La Marquise, thank you, I really appreciate the comments, I love your photos, and cant wait to post the flower pictures I have been working on.

Scate - Thank you very much!

Hilary - You let u know, anytime you are in town you are invited!

Coco Bean said...

Sabine: Yay! You will always be the first cookie!!! I will poke him until he posts the flower photos!

Marianne: Thanks! Oh, they were!

Scate: I was being bad! Haha. Oh, what kind of eggs did you make? For the supper club I switched it up and put old cheeder and a cherry tomoato in the centre instead of goat cheese. They were a hit!

Hilary: Well, if you do ever make it to Montreal we will hold one just for you!

Simone: Awww thanks! Yes, supper club is very fun, a little stressful about an hour before it starts, but once all the food is ready it is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have room for 16 in your house, I'm jealous! :) I have thought about doing something similar but thought it would be weird to ask friends to pay... but you are right, it is a steal, and it would allow me to do dinner parties much more often so perhaps I should reconsider the idea.

Sweet as Coco said...

These are so darn clever!! We make breakfast for a crowd all the time, and I'm getting tired of my "100 ways to make quiche". I'm totally want to try these!!!!