Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dimply Plum Cake -- Sundays with Dorie!

Dimply Plum Cake

Right now Ian is sitting in front of me on the floor contorted in strange positions striving to capture the perfect picture for the second ever Sunday with Dorie. If you are a little lost and scratching your head about the day, let me explain.

One of our favourite bloggers Hilary and I have not been accepted yet into TWD after waiting and politely sending e-mails for seven weeks now. We just couldn't wait another week longer and with book in hand, decided to start our own baking club. Ok, so my book hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but I was too excited to start! Plus this week was my turn to pick the recipe and I have had my eye on this bright plum cake for a while. Hilary wrote an incredible open letter in her Sunday with Dorie post last week which pretty much sums it up.

I can't really tell you much about the cake right now except that it smells insatiable and I am having a very hard time not eating it off of Ian’s photo shoot. What I can tell you is that the cake is much lighter than expected...oh wait, he's done shooting... Be right back.... I was saying, now that I have tasted more than just the crumbs from the pan, I can tell you that the cake is more like a fluffy and airy version of a pound cake accenting the sweet and sour plums perfectly. A hint of cardamom added to the batter pulls the fruit and cake together. The lighter texture could be due to the fact that I switched the oil for the same amount of no-fat yogurt. Yes, I am on a blogger diet, basically meaning that there is no way around all the baking and eating but I know enough kitchen science to play around with the ingredients/calories.

Since I am still waiting on my cookbook I found the Dimply Plum Cake recipe at Smitten Kitchen, where Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook ”Baking From My Home to Yours” never stays on the bookshelf for too long.

Now go check out Hilary's blog Let Her Bake Cake for some more dimply goodness.


Hilary said...

I knew yours would look gorgeous! It's such a pretty cake, isn't it?

Interesting that you find it light and fluffy - I wrote that I found it firm and almost dry (in a good way). I wonder if the yogurt does make quite a differenc??

Valérie said...

Weird situation with TWD... Well, I'm glad you decided to do something about it.

The cake looks excellent, I love the colour of the batter!

KELLY said...

Check out the Tuesdays with Dorie blog again! There was recently a post about how everyone who asked to be a member IS a member. I guess she's just a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

And, I would think that since the TWD website is all public, you could go ahead and bake along anyway. It's not like it a private thing like Daring Bakers. The TWD recipe choices are clearly posted each month.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful cake! YUM!!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

pretty cake and your description just makes it more mouthwatering...

finsmom said...

I really love the presentation of this cake - so pretty!

Junglefrog said...

No idea what TWD is... (i will check out Hilary's blog later, as I suppose that holds the clue to this riddle?:))
The cake looks delicious! I was actually thinking you were in blogging hibernation.. I've just spend way to much time fixing a "virus" from my blog. It's not really a virus but some fun person thinks it's incredible funny to change the index.php files on a lot of people's websites meaning they are all not working anymore. Anyway, after a lot of headache; mine is back up again.. Now let's hope the person is done playing!

Sorry, I just had to rant a bit. It's such a waste of time having to fix it!! I'm not a webdesigner, so it takes me forever before I find the problem... (feeling proud that I did though... haha)
Anyway... the cake is making me hungry so I will go and make myself some dinner now!

A.D said...

but.... where is Dorie !!??! Tell meeeeeee

Coco Bean said...

Valerie: I think we have it worked out with TWD now, the tension is gone! I think the colour is from the brown sugar, and it was really good, thanks!

Kelly: Thanks for the tip, I just checked it. It makes sense. Yay, we are members!!

Jennifer: Thanks fellow Canadian!

Peachkins: Aw, thanks!

finsmom: Thanks,thats all Ian's doing.

Simone: sigh, I know, long couple of weeks... I'll e-mail you with my two cents on the virus (who would do that...creeps!)

Adam... I'll just tell you, you're right infront of me!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

it looks VERY VERY "appetissant" !!! what a great idea to start your own baking club !!!

Ninette said...

OMG, this looks absolutely scrumptious!