Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Open Letter to Quinn Farms

Quinn Farms BlueBerry picking

Dear Quinn Farms,

I am truly sorry for all the berries I ate off of your bushes today instead of putting them in my basket. I understand that I was only supposed to nibble while I picked but I couldn’t resist, they were so very tasty.

Yes I know, we left with two huge baskets of blueberries and raspberries but you should have weighed me before and after to find out how many really left in my belly.

Quinn Farms BlueBerry picking

Ian and I came across blueberries the size of quarters that burst with sweet ripe juice when you bit into them. Brilliantly bright red raspberries hid beneath thousands of deep green leaves, just waiting to be picked. Every time we found a raspberry you could hear my roommate and I yelling "ohh a piece of candy!"

Quinn Farms BlueBerry picking

Once again Ian was a real trooper considering uncooked berries don’t sit as well in his stomach as they do in mine. I guess I ate his portion eh. It turns out he is a master blueberry picker who devised plans to find only the ripest berries and doesn’t get detoured by eating them.

Quinn Farms BlueBerry picking

Really, you are all so nice so to make it up to you Quinn Farms I will bake my little heart out. I will bake raspberry custard tarts and blueberry pies for Ian; I will make berry sorbet and eat blueberries in milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


P.S. There are probably a ton in my roommate Adam's belly too. Sorry.
Check out his post for another account of Ian, Christie, and Adam's great berry adventure!

Quinn Farms BlueBerry picking


Junglefrog said...

O hahaha!! They might charge you extra after reading this! But you're right; who can resist those delicious berries? It's probably a good thing we don't actually have farms where you can pick your own, as I would be eating it all before bringing them in.
Love the photo with you in it!

Hilary said...

Quinn Farms will DEFINITELY forgive you when they see this incredible advertisement for their farm. Gorgeous photos! The berries look like they could burst from juiciness at any moment!

♥peachkins♥ said...

aww..I wish we have blueberries here...

Lori R. said...

YUM, simply put,just like the berries, simple but full of flavor! I like to eat them just by the handful... just plain or in yogurt...

Valérie said...

Haha, I hadn't seen that Familiy Guy episode!

Sounds like you had a great time again. Those berries do look amazing - I've always thought raspberries to be among the most eye-catching fruit ever made!

Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with these little beauties!

Sweet as Coco said...

Oh I love love berry picking...I havent gone in years since I moved into the city. Lovely berries!

Cherie said...

I'm jealous of your berry adventures!a

the ungourmet said...

Your photos are exceptional! I just can't resist berries either!

I stumbled onto your blog while searching for a cupcake recipe.

Lovely place you have here. :0)

Ian said...

Thanks everyone :D Im so glad to see that everyone is enjoying our little blog! Christie and I love to do this and share our culinary/photographic and just overall adventures with everyone.

cheap ethnic eatz said...

OMG that is too funny. I never picked berries there but I have picked apples and pumpkins. Did they see this post?

Ian said...

One of the owners actually sent us a follow up message, apparently he was going to abandon their blog, but decided to keep it up after seeing our posts :P