Sunday, July 12, 2009

Strawberry Ice Cream/Sherbert and Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Over the past month my roommate Adam and I have been following La Ferme Quinn's blog eagerly anticipating the upcoming strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry picking season. Well last week they posted some succulent pictures of plump raspberries and strawberries so we set the date.

Strawberry Picking

Saturday July 12 we drove west, just across the Montreal Bridge and onto a beautiful island called Ile Perrot. Quinn Farm is only about 25 minutes by car (including a Tim Horton’s coffee stop) so it was the perfect outing for a Saturday afternoon. Ian was a real trooper and joined in the fun even though he is allergic to strawberries.

Strawberry Picking
(picture of my roomate Adam)

Quinn Farm is such a beautiful and vast place with old rustic farm houses and miles of vegetable and fruit patches. When we arrived we were given two large baskets and put on a waggon that drove past the raspberry, apple, blueberry, pumpkin, Christmas tree, current,and asparagus fields (I think I even saw zucchini blossoms) right up to hundreds of rows of strawberry plants.

But of course, when we started picking the sky turned grey and it started to drizzle. Because Ian couldn't pick the strawberries he stood behind me the whole time with a giant umbrella pointing out where he saw some big juicy berries. He's the best eh!

Strawberry Picking
By the time we were finished with the strawberries it was too wet to slosh our way through the raspberry bushes (what an insane storm!) so next weekend we're heading back over the bridge to fill up on all the other berries. I can't wait!

Strawberry Picking

Lately I have become an Ice Cream queen due to David Lebovitz's "The Perfect Scoop" so the second we arrived back at home I started on the Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream. I couldn’t help myself so I doubled the amount of strawberries called for, not the best idea in terms of texture and I ended up with more of a sherbert, but all those field berries made the tastiest strawberry "sherbert" that I have ever had!

I had a hard time picking between the Strawberry frozen yogurt or ice cream and in the end the ice cream won out. But, here is the frozen yogurt recipe, it looks very similar and I will be trying it soon.

Strawberry Picking
(Note from Ian: The large, shirtless man on the right hand side of the photo was a very sweet man. He had actually taken his shirt off because it was raining, and he had brought the tiny girl semi hidden at the center of the photo Strawberry picking, but it started raining and she was cold, so he took his shirt off and drapped it on her. She then ran around the field picking and eating strawberries, it was really cute, she ran by me and had a whole face smeared with strawberries and the biggest smile ever. )


Junglefrog said...

Hwo great is it that you can go and pick your own fruit there? That never happens here!! I used to pick strawberries to earn some extra cash when I was little (well in my teens kind of) but haven't picked any since then. Your strawberry ice looks delicious!!
The little sidenote from Ian made me smile too as I was indeed looking at that large shirtless man!

Valérie said...

Yes, Saturday's weather was quite awful wasn't it? It was just storm after storm... Still, rain can add charm, sometimes. I went to see the weekly Montreal fireworks that night; we were battered by rain and wind, and lightning kept striking - it was beautiful, once I'd decided I didn't care about getting wet anymore.

Beatiful pictures, as usual! It sounds like a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy going back next week!

Lori R. said...

Love your blog and the pics are wonderful. I too, have been going nuts for berries, but have to depend on the Farmer's Market for those delicious berries of all sorts. Yesterday I made vanilla ice cream to accompany the berries. YUM!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

WOW! Fresh Strawberries!! and cute ones too!!

I bet that ice cream tastes wonderful!

Cakebrain said...

holy smokes! that ice cream is gorgeous! I can't wait until my girls are big enough to go strawberry picking with me. I used to pick blackberries for free too, to make jam. It's such fun!

Hilary said...

Wow, how great does that strawberry ice cream look! The epitome of summer! (We ate a lot of ice cream in Croatia and ever since I am all about the ice cream.)

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

it sounds so delicious ... it looks so delicious !!! May I have a scoop my friends ? I need to get myslef a new ice cream maker, my former one is broken ...

ps : I have been missing you two.

Sébastien said...

:o Christie, one of the strawberry you're holding has a Heart shape :P

Ian, how does it feel to walk in the *field of Death* You got to watch your step not to fall LOL

Chocolate Shavings said...

We're actually going strawberry picking tomorrow, possibly at the same farm you guys went to! I just got back from my trip and am leaving again soon. Maybe we could meet sometime this weekend? I know it's bit short notice... Otherwise, we can plan for sometime in September which might be easier! You can email me (email on my site) if it's easier. Beautiful strawberry photos by the way!

kiss my spatula said...

those are the cutest strawberries EVER. i'm craving your lovely ice cream now. looks just delectable!