Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Balsamic Baked Onions & Potatoes with Pork Loin

Balsamic baked Onions & Potatoes with Pork Loin

Well hellooooo everyone!
Got some good news back today, my brother Scott had his heart surgery this afternoon, and the surgeon was able to repair the valve rather than have to replace it, which is really great. Its still scary that he had heart surgery, but such a relief to know that it went well. Thank you so much for all the wonderful vibes, I’m sure it all helped. Christie and I are heading out to spend some time with him this week, and hopefully the extra company will cheer him up and get him going on the path to a full recovery.
Now I know you’ve been waiting for Food, am I right? Well we’ve got some. Over these past few busy weeks, I have actually been stockpiling photos that we just have not had the time to post, such as the event photos from the past two “Supper Club’s”, and all the wonderful, and I really mean wonderful homemade ice cream Christie has been making (hello Chocolate Guinness ice cream, and get in my belly cantaloupe sorbet!!). So here for today is a little something I decided to try out myself. A short while a go, I headed on by a grocery store nearby my work in order to find something interesting to make for dinner, and ended up walking out with a nicely large Pork Loin. Of course by the time I got it home, I decided to try something different with it, and finally, yes finally try out cooking a Jamie Oliver recipe myself. I watch Jamie’s many shows on Food Network Canada whenever I see them, but it was that day that I realized that I had never actually made anything based on one of his recipes.
I found a dizzying array of recipes for Pork loin by Jamie Oliver (try googling Jamie Oliver Pork Loin and you’ll see) , but just couldn’t resist a really interesting recipe calling for quite a lot of Balsamic. I had the feeling that I would somehow mess this recipe up totally and absolutely, and that it would end up turning out awful, with me confused about where I went wrong. Surprisingly, it didn’t go that way at all. I followed the recipe pretty closely, only making a small change in the onions (I left some in the roasting pot with the loin, and then mixed those in with the baked balsamic potatoes and red onions afterwards).

For the full Jamie Oliver recipe, please click here

Speaking of the Food Network, Christie came across an recent posting on their website that uses and talks about one of our postings, and uses one of my pictures! Seriously, how cool is that? Check it out here


Valérie said...

Hi Ian, great news about your brother! You must be so relieved!

So, you're foraying into the kitchen on your own, eh? Good for you! It looks like you did great, and good choice of recipe! Sour-sweet sauces are always a winner for me!

Junglefrog said...

Wow Ian, you're even cooking yourself now... :) I love Jamie's recipes and I think I have most of his books plus some of the dvd's. We don't have his shows on tv and we don't have a foodchannel either (seriously deprived here..) but I've done many of his recipes and like most (not all though!)

What great news of your brother too! Hopefully he will be on the road to recovery soon! Enjoy the time you're gonna spend with him!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

I am so so happy for your brother . I am sending good positive vibes to him, Ian.
I stockpiled quite a great quantity of photos too recently ...

this recipe sounds just great !!! and congrats for the mention on food for thought !!!