Thursday, August 27, 2009

I miss CocoBean

Well hello Strangers,
Ok, so it is actually Christie and I that have been the strangers and we quite frankly feel terrible about it. I have been going back and forth between Montreal and Ottawa to spend time with my brother, so I have been just so busy and distracted by all of this. Here is my update, my brother ended up having what is called a degenerative Mitral valve, which required immediate surgery as the valve had actually ruptured. Luckily Ottawa has a state of the art Hospital/Research center dedicated to the study and health of the heart, and the chief of surgery himself was going to be performing my brothers surgery. The surgery went well, and the surgeon was actually able to repair rather than replace the valve, which is excellent news as the recovery and long term quality of life are better with your original valve over a porcine replacement. Christie, along with my mother and I headed out to spend four days with him while in the hospital, and on the last dayhe was released. Unfortunately, shortly after my 2nd visit, my brother was brought back into the hospital and once again admitted due to unusual chest pains. It was found that he had a fluid buildup around the heart, which was dangerously constricting on it. A new sugery was performed yesterday, at which point almost 1 full litre of fluid was drained....

So, as you can imagine, Christie and I have been very worried and concentrating on various other concerns for a little while. On the bright side, Christie has found some employment that is close to home, although not in her field, she is still happy about it, and she can continue her search for work in her field while worrying a little less about bills. As for me, I have have decided after a long stint at my current job, where things just keep getting worse and worse, to find new employment as well, something which I have been looking into every night after work lately. A positive out of all this is that I've decided, with Christie's loving support, that I should pursue photography professionaly, and I am enrolling in a highly regarded Commercial Photography program at a local college :D


Aimée said...

That's great, Ian! --About the photography/following your heart part.
Sorry to hear that your brother is still going through such a tough time, though.

Looking forward to meeting you both at the Foodies meet-up in September!

Valérie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your brother had a complication... I hope this nightmare ends soon.

"On the bright side," as you say, it's indeed quite cool that you're pursuing photography, something you enjoy and are good at. And congrats to Christie on her job! Here's hoping you guys can return to the blogosphere soon! But in the meantime, you shouldn't feel "terrible" about it, we all have lives outside of our blogs.

Ian said...

Thanks for understanding. Its rather upseting to us to not have been able to work on the blog lately, it felt like we kind of abondoned it, but we really havent.

Christie and I are really excited about the upcoming foodies meetup :D

Sweet as Coco said...

Best wishes for your brothers recovery.

I think your photography is fabulous! I think its great you are going to pursue it!

Looking forward to both of you to return to blogging again!

Junglefrog said...

I hope your brother is feeling better now Ian. I know how it is when loved ones are not in their best health... It can be very hard to cope with! All the best wishes for him.

Congratulations to Christie for having found a job! How great is that and even not in her field; at least it pays the bills.
And wow....pursuing photography as a career! Congratulations on making that decision Ian. I am looking forward to seeing all your photos fly by. I am sure you're gonna do great!

Ian said...

Thanks Simone, that means alot to me. Now the first step is to find a new job hahah

Kitchen Butterfly said...

It is well with you. I do hope he gets better sooner. As for your blog, it will still be here so don't worry. Congrats on your job, Christie and good on you for choosing to face your photography. Take care