Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The wonderful story of Ian & the Sweet potato

200mm Sweet Potato Panorama

So Christie has still been really busy, but thats no reason for me not to post more often. I found something really neat this evening, and I decided to have a little fun with it and challenge myself with some shots, so here goes....

And so it all began with a Potato. While I was merrily cooking up a basic stir fry for supper this fine evening, I happened to look over and to my surprise, find what seems to have been a completely forgotten and lonely sweet potato. Perhaps due to the unusual humidity, or simply because it had been there for some time now, the sweet potato in question had begun to sprout. There were stalks, leaves, a whole little new potato plant growing right there. I wasnt sure if I was to feel bad that I had left this poor guy to get this far along. Either way, I am sure that the potato was very pleased to have been found by someone at last.

Ian & the Sweet Potato

I wasnt sure what to do, do I stick it in some soil since I felt so bad? Do I throw it out? Do I try to see if I can salvage some and figure out if sweet potato is good in a stir fry? No way, this thing is neat!

Ian & the Sweet Potato

I had so much fun using this old character filled potato as a subject this evening, it really got me playing around with my all my gear, and what with everything going on lately, it felt really good to pick up my camera and just have fun. The top image is actually a panorama stiched together from 5 different shots taken with a 200mm lens, and the closeups are shot on a 60mm Micro Nikkor that I absolutley love, and apparently rediscovered that it focuses MUCH closer in manual than auto. I Also threw alot more light on this potato than I usually would, and I am really happy that I did, the extra oomph on the white backround gives the phots a really graphic quality. Hope you guys like em :D

Ian & the Sweet Potato

Ian & the Sweet Potato


Valérie said...

*giggle* This was such a fun post! And your photos are really intriguing (in a good way)!

I remember when I first lived on my own and discovered that potatoes will sprout if you leave them alone for too long. I jumped about a mile high and shrieked: "The potatoes are alive!" Not quite as creative a reaction as yours, I'm afraid...

Hilary said...

I think it's quite pretty!

Anonymous said...

a few of those close up shots look like brown nipples

{kiss my spatula} said...

beautiful, just beautiful!

Ian said...

Thank you guys!

Valerie, my roomate actually planted them hahahah

Hilary, so do I, who knew they would be so neat!
kiss my spatula, thank you, I appreciate the kind words!