Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Italian Supper Club part 1

Supper Club, Italian theme

Hi everyone, Ian here :D
Run run run, thats all everyone has been able to do lately. It seems the more we try to get done ahead of time, the more we end up needing to get done, am I right? So this past weekend, the thankfully long, or painfully short (3 days still just isnt enough, I want more) Labour day weekend proved to be a great chance to get a few things done that I keep meaning to do, namely sleep, eat, relax, and relax some more. In between all the glorious napping and coffee sipping, I got to catch up on a mounting backlog of photos, namely some shots taken at a recent Supper Club event put on by Christie. So today, I present to you part 1 the Italian supper club. I had to break the posting up as there are just too many photos, and well, I think it will only do justice to all the planning and work that Christie puts into these events to post pictures of all her hard work. Without further ado :D

Enjoy! (but probably not as much as my taste buds did... I want more of all of this)

Supper Club, Italian theme

Supper Club, Italian theme

Supper Club, Italian theme


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Ian said...

:D Thank you so much, there are a bunch more to post, and we cat wait for the meetup this coming weekend!

Coco Bean said...

Aww thanks so much babes! I love them!!! The gnocchi looks great!!!

Liliana said...

The food looks amazing!! Great job!