Thursday, April 16, 2009

cough.... take 3

Strawberry & Milk Splash (Attempt 4)

Ok, so why not. I had the chance tonight, and Christie is still really busy with studying exams, so I played around with some of the other Photos I took during yesterdays Strawberry & Milk attempt, and I wanted to post these as well. If anyone likes these, you should head on over to Junglefrog's website and take a look at what she did with this project, great photos :D

Strawberry & Milk Splash (Attempt 3)

Strawberry & Milk Splash (Attempt 2)


Coco Bean said...

wow love them! as always. I was so excited to see more. Yes I am studying, not playing on the internet... but I'm on break. I can really see the difference between lighting the background.

Junglefrog said...

O haha... this is gonna be the only thing we are posting about..:)) strawberries splashing about! I love the various splashing bits here! You should have posted the photos the other way around; suspended in the air, one in, both in... then it makes a sequence! I love the second one the best as that splash of the strawberry just hitting the milk is fabulous! I am actually thinking of trying it with yogurt for next time. Although that might be too thick, but worth a try! What do you use below the glass? Is it washable? Your milk seems to behave better then mine from the looks of these photos anyway!

Chocolate Shavings said...

Those photos are beautiful.
I hope you are enjoying the warmer Montreal weather as much as I am!

Ian said...

Thank you so much Chocolate Shavings! Im learning in little bits as I go :D

Junglefrog, I know what you mean. I keep wanting to pick up fresh strawberries (with non wilted leaves) and retry this with a dark backround