Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture day (Part 2)

Strawberries & Milk

Hello everyone, back for the results :D
So, if there is something that should have been obvious to me from the start, its that I AM ALLERGIC to strawberries (I swear I view strawberries as a really cute little child straight out of fairy tale that actually secretly eats Kittens or something similarly evil), and handling them constantly while trying to take photos is a real pain. I had to wash my hands every 2 minutes, and keep an eye on anything that came in contact with them and clean it up. The biggest pain was when I had the brilliant idea to try to drop a strawberry ito the glass of milk to catch a nice splash effect. Yeah, seems like a great idea, unless you cant really touch the fruit, then it may be a bad one.

Ive got to say, this was really challenging, you expose properly for the white backround and the Strawberries look like, well, terrible (which pleased me, showing their true evil nature like that). Expose the strawberries properly, and the white goes all funny... sigh. It took quite a few test shots to get it "right", but I think that I found a pretty good balance, and got a few shots that I like before it was too late and I broke out in hives. I ended up having to switch around the lighting that I had planned, and used Junglefrog's suggestion to light the backround at the same time (I held a piece of cardboard up to block the extra light, and set the flash to its widest setting). You can really see the difference that lighting the backround made when you compare the picture above with the one below, big thanks to Junglefrog for the helpful pointer(s)! Next time I try something like this, it will be with a non evil fruit or berry. I could almost hear the strawberries mocking me.

Strawberry & Milk Splash


Junglefrog said...

These are beautiful Ian! I'm quite impressed!! Great detail in the white while the red of the strawberries (which I am eating right as we speak for breakfast.. haha..) is really popping! The strawberries themselves are not the most appealing :) but that is probably because they were evil to you anyway. Great job on capturing that splash in the glass! I've never really attempting any splashing photos, but might be doing that some time soon. Seems like fun (if you have the time ofcourse..)

Coco Bean said...

WHOLY FFF!!! SOOO beautiful babe! Took my breath away.

Hilary said...

Well done you for risking life, limb and hives to get the shot! Absolutely beautiful! Those berries look unreal.

Aimée said...

You're super hard core! Looks like the end result was worth the risks, though. Nicely done!

MissBliss said...

that is sacrificing for your art. i love the one under part 2, the glass full of berries... very nice!

Ian said...

Thanks everyone! Ive been working crazy hours with no access to the internet, so it has taken me a bit longer to get to respond than id like :( Really appreciate the comments, just remember, strawberries are evil.