Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture Tuesday!

Early Morning Street Scene

Yayyy! It’s picture day again. Christie and I were talking about our blog, and she pointed out that it is our blog, and that I didn’t necessarily need to post food/recipe(s) every time I posted. She even suggested that we make Tuesdays “Photo day”, where I can post any sort of picture I’d like accompanied by a little blurb or random Ian babbling as I have a tendency to do. As a result, I lay in bed last night staring at my ceiling, thinking hard about what I’d take a picture of, was I to take a walk at my lunch time this afternoon and hope to “find something”, or pick up some nice flowers on my way home from work and prepare an elaborate-ish (yes I made that word up) setup? I had too many ideas, and needed to focus down to one. So this morning I woke up extra early and packed a camera bag with just the essential equipment that I figured I would need, and set off for work at 6:15 am as usual… sigh.

My first reaction at that time in the morning, especially with the recent daylight savings change which makes it feel like5:15am, is usually a “This bus better be here soon”, and a “I want to be back in bed” feeling, except this morning something in my head shouted out…. Ian…. This is picture day… don’t forget… and somehow I mustered up the wakefulness and clarity, although still very much fuzzy, to notice that the lighting was great, and actually pulled out my camera and snapped a shot before my bus came. Trust me, the random high school student waiting next to me did not expect it either, and I caught him trying to catch a glimpse at my cameras viewing screen.

Turns out I was lucky I did. I had a really rather busy day at work and had to skip on my lunch break, and besides, it was dark and muddy out, not exactly the conditions to be trudging around for an hour outside in ankle high slipper type shoes if you ask me. After work, I ate some left over Spaghetti sauce with some elbow macaroni and fresh parmesan topping that my roommate and I made last night, and fiddled with my early morning picture a wee bit, and the picture above was the result. I hope you like it, as I am looking forward now to Picture Tuesdays every week.

*EDIT* Wednesday morning here now, and I kept thinking last night about how I should maybe include some pictures of the setup(s) I am using to take the photos for our blog. What do you guys think? Any interest? Any and all feedback is always warmly welcomed!


Christie said...

Aww babe... I'm so glad you got some great shots! And that we are going to have Picture Tuesday! The pic looks great, I totally recongnized the cross street.

Junglefrog said...

This is a great shot Ian! It gives that sense of a really early morning with dawn just breaking. Love it!
Christie made a comment on my blog which is how I ended up here, so I still have to have a good look around and ofcourse check out Coco Bean!

andrea said...

the picture is gorgeous. i love walking outside that early. mind you i dont do it anymore.
but your picture reminds me of when i did...
good shot! i love the picture tuesday idea guys! :)

Ian said...

Oh thank you so much Junglefrog, that means alot to me. I absolutely love your website, Im going to be checking it frequently, thats for sure. Your photo work is stunning, and im sure I have alot to learn from looking at them. Thank you for checking out our blog, you have to love the internet :D

Ian said...

Thanks Andrea, its quickly becoming my favorite part of the day as daytime light is, well, pretty lousy at best right now, and you get such wonderful lighting at that time. I honestly cant wait for a rainy morning with big splashy puddles to get some early morning reflection shots